If you prefer having a comfortable sleep, duvet is the best option. This is ensured with duvet washing services. It helps you to get a good night sleep by making your bed beautiful as ever. If you are looking for methods to wash duvet at home, the following article will be of great benefit to you. Consider the following factors to wash duvet at home.

consider the material

it is essential to consider the material used in duvet. As duvets are usually made of synthetic fibres it can washed and dried more quickly.


The most important factor to consider for washing your duvet is the size of the washing machine. If you put duvet inside the washing machine be it king size or super king size, there should be some space left within the washing machine for it to wash it adequately. If you think the duvet will not fit inside the washing machine, go for a dry cleaning service that washes duvet near your place.

Detergent used

You can use the same detergent you are using for washing the clothes for washing duvet as well. However, if it is a mild detergent, 30% of it is required to wash the duvet.

Apt temperature

You can wash the duvet at a temperature of 30 degree Fahrenheit. Once it is washed, it needs to be dried in the sunlight to kill any micro germs present within it.

Stain removal

Yet another significant factor that you need to consider before washing duvet is the presence of stain. The stain can be successfully removed only at a specific temperature preferably hot temperature.

Choose the washing machine type

The type of washing machine also plays a greater role in washing the duvet successfully. If you think your washing machine is overloaded, prefer not to wash duvet at home. in such cases, go for a laundry service to wash the duvet.

Type of manufacturing

The manufacturing process varies from duvet to duvet. Flat surface is suitable for some duvets to dry while others requires the presence of a sheet underneath.

How to wash duvet at home?

Upon removing the duvet cover, wash it gently in the washing machine. Front load washing machine is highly preferred as the capacity of the washing machine will be high. Laundry services can be opted, if the duvet is found to be tight-fit within the washing machine. Once the duvet is washed, rinse it using a rinse cycle. By means of rinsing you can rest assured that the detergents will be completely removed from the duvet. Spinning the duvet with extra cycle ensures that the duvet is completely dried. Choose low or medium cycle to dry the duvet, if it is made of synthetic fibre. You can drain the water completely by setting the drier at the low position.

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