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Mistakes we keep doing with Laundry

Best at laundry 13 Apr 2023

Washing clothes often or too quickly:

This seems like a silly question to too many people, but this is a real issue when it comes to Laundry.

Washing too quickly before wearing it for the necessary times means, the dress gets bad too soon. 

This is an issue that people are not aware of and has to be clearly notified

Until otherwise, the dress has an awkward smell or issue, the below standard can be followed.

Sarees / Women's formal dress - 2-3 times 

Sweaters, over-the-shirt dresses - 5-6 times

Jeans and hard trousers - 6-10 times

White Shirts, T-Shirts, Formal Dresses - 1-3 times

Inner wears (Bra’s, Vest’s) - 2-3 times

Underwear - 1 time

It's the best judgment of the user to make sure on analysis of how long a dress has to be worn. But saying that this is a real issue of washing clothes often can cause an issue and it's a real mistake lot of people do.

Not washing different clothes with different temperatures

Bed covers, Towels, and cleaning cloths - greater than 40 degrees

Shifts/Jeans/Formal Dress (Light use) - 20 to 30-degree celsius

Hig use dresses like T-Shirts/Innerwear and Underwear - 30 to 40-degree celsius

You can save quite a lot of energy by choosing to wash clothes in different temperatures

Mixing laundry clothes and Laundry Detergents

This mistake is not often considered by people when they are doing the laundry, but it's one of the key item to get a good laundry done, and it's one of the mistakes that cause a serious effect on certain clothes.

  1. One of the very known issues is mixing white and coloured laundry causes colours to be stained on the white clothes, this is very true, still, there are further issues 

  2. Most washing powders contain bleach which is good for whites, but for coloured clothes, liquid detergents are better. Thus mixing white and coloured clothes, and using washing powder causes coloured clothes to fade easily. Use liquid detergent