Dry Clean

Stain free rugs and carpets


How to make the carpets and rugs dirt free

Before you start the deep cleaning process, it is essential to pre-vacuum. By this process, things such as sand particles, food particles and others can be reduced. During this process, the bag of the vacuum machine needs to be changed. You can reduce the suction power of the machine or the nozzle based on the label on the carpet. Thus, the entire surface of the rug needs to be vacuumed. You can either clean the rug completely or only pre-vacuum half of the rug and clean it and then can continue with the rest.

Pick the required cleaning solution and system when it is time for dry cleaning

If there are any heavily soiled spots, either use hot water cleaning or dry foaming compound for cleaning and the latter is used in case if you want to avoid drying time. However, hot–steam machines are not recommended for deep cleaning as the higher temperature used in the machine for cleaning may damage the rugs with delicate fibres. Steam cleaning is not suitable for cleaning handmade rugs as well. This is to prevent the rugs from encountering dryness, shrinking and many more.

Spray the protective solution over the carpets and rugs to protect it once the surface is cleaned dry

The protective solution when sprayed over the fibre after drying adds an additional layer between the microorganisms thus acting as a cover layer for the fibres. Such carpets covered with protective spray seems to be promising especially after returning home from heavy traffic.

Do not expose the surfaces to direct sunlight

It is highly recommended not to expose the floors that are vulnerable to stains to direct sunlight. It is because, the direct sunlight may lead to discolouration, staining of the floor, dryness when exposed to sunlight as the sunlight penetrates through the room directly to the carpet area. Hence, it is recommended to rotate the rugs twice a year to prevent the same area of the carpet from getting exposed to direct sunlight. These carpets when vacuumed periodically are easy to clean. Turn those carpets with two-sided faces from time to time.  This prevents the rugs and carpets from getting dirt on the same spot always.

Prepare homemade detergents for emergency use

Homemade detergents will come in handy at times of instant dirt especially at a time when you spill some coffee on the carpet while drinking it. These unexpected situations can be saved with the use of water along with vinegar and some detergents. This homemade solution can be used for cleaning heavy stains as well. All it requires is only a stiff brush to clean the spot with heavy dirt. A simple homemade detergent can be prepared by mixing hot water, alcohol, baking soda and dishwashing detergent in a small bowl and rubbing it against the stained area. You need to rub until foam appears on that area and let it rest for some time. After a few minutes wipe it and the stain is removed easily. 


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