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The Best Way To Dry Clean Your Suit

BY BestatLaundry 23 May 2022

Your suit may be one of the most expensive additions to your wardrobe and is obviously one of the arduous garments to clean. The regular washing or cleaning methods may not work well for your suits. And therefore, understanding how to take care of your suits is crucial. The best way that you can try is to choose one of the best dry cleaning services near you and dry clean your suits. This article explains the points you can consider while cleaning your expensive suits.

Know about the right approach for cleaning your suits

Dry cleaning is one of the most suitable methods to clean and remove stains from a suit. It is hard to take care of suits, and therefore it is better to avoid home-cleaning methods. Always follow the label of your suits which mentions the recommended approaches to washing. Following the instructions given on the label helps to last your suits longer.

Dry cleaning, as the name mentions, does not use water or detergents to wash your clothes. In fact, it is a method that uses dry cleaning solvents to clean the clothes. The dry cleaning service is generally a lighter approach that provides the best results.

How often should you dry clean your suits?

There is nothing to mention in an exact time or period that you can take to dry clean your suits. Suits can be dry cleaned according to the wear and climate. However, it is advisable to brush your outfit, air out, or spot clean (but, do not handwash as it may risk the suit fabric) to check if the stains or dirt are likely to be removed. If the specks of dirt remain, take your suit to a professional dry cleaning service if you plan to dry clean your outfits. 

If you are not generally dry cleaning your suits after every wear, it is good to preserve your jackets or suits neatly at your home. However, it is better not to prefer washing at home by yourself. But here are some tips that you can consider to save your suit from wrinkles and specks of dirt.

  1. Use hangers to hang your suits or coats as soon as you remove them after wearing them.
  2. Do not put your suits in dryers to remove wrinkles.
  3. Avoid ironing. Use only a steam cleaner to remove wrinkles.
  4. Brush off any stain or specks of dirt after you wear it.
  5. Use a cloth cover to cover your suit up.

Read more about the tips to take care of your expensive clothes.

How To Find A Dry Cleaning Service For Your Dress Suit?

When you plan to avail dry cleaning service for your suit, it is recommended to choose a professional service provider. There are several dry cleaners available in the market. It is good to search on the web for the right service provider near your location and check for the customer testimonials or reviews before choosing.

Consider analyzing their services and pricing plans. Not all highly-priced service providers help you with the appropriate service, or not all low-priced service providers give a bad experience. Choose a service provider that reciprocates the quality for the charges you pay.

Why choose BestatLaundry to dry clean your suits?

BestatLaundry is one of the best dry cleaners in London, which provides professional services according to their customer's needs. Customers who look for expert dry clean service from anywhere in London can access the service through the website.

BestatLaundry offers free collection and delivery of the dry clean orders and provides quick and quality services. Many registered drivers and delegated dry cleaners and laundry service providers associated with BestatLaundry to ensure quality services and successful pickup and delivery of orders.

Besides dry cleaning services, BestatLaundry also offers all kinds of laundry services, ironing services, and other additional services like shoe repairs and alterations.

BestatLaundry will be an ideal choice if you plan to dry clean your suits or any other expensive clothes or garments. Delivery agents will collect your garment from anywhere in London to provide excellent service and deliver it back with care after processing your dry clean service request.




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