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How to Manage Your Stains in Expensive Clothing

BY BestatLaundry 07 Apr 2022

Manage Stains from your Expensive Clothes

Expensive clothes demand good care to last long. We do not usually buy valuable garments to use at once. We get them to use for a longer term. When you are doubtful about taking care of your expensive clothes or how you can manage your expensive clothes, it is advisable to choose a laundry and dry cleaning service provider.

Our clothes get stained at times. But these stains are not just simple problems. If you can not remove the stains, your clothes become untidy to wear.

Let us see how to manage and remove some common stains and preserve your clothes for a longer term.

Prevent setting of stains from your clothes

It is hard to remove the stains when it gets set on your clothes. Removing those stains can even cause damage to the fabric as well. Sometimes you can erase a set stain by scrubbing it, but it again can cause harm to the cloth. It is advisable to follow these general facts to prevent your clothes from a permanent stain.

  1. Wash or wet any stain instantly with water.
  1. Avoid applying direct heat.
  1. Apply solvents in a gentle way

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Detailed Stain Removal

Acting without a moment's delay to keep the stain away from setting is vital but not adequate. It is hard to remove some stains entirely by wetting them with some water.

There are three essential strides toward the removal of stain, no matter how hard the spot or stain is:

  1. Select the proper solvent for your fabric.
  1. Utilize a suitable application strategy.
  1. Look for fundamental care after washing or stain removal.

You do not need an excess of research or exploration to remove the majority of the household stains. Let us see more in detail.

Choosing the Right Solvent for Your Fabric

We always worry about washing our expensive clothes. It is crucial to choose the appropriate solvents to make your clothes clean effectively. It is advisable to check what solvents are suitable for your clothes and if solvents cause any damage to your fabrics.

Usage of the wrong solvent to your fabric can harm your clothes. It is good to check the label as it can be the right guide in most cases. Here are some of the stain removers and solvents used.

  1. Water: One of the fundamentally used resources, can be used to prevent stains from your clothes immediately. Most of the stain specks are prevented from permanent setting sooner when the dirt is wet. However, it needs prolonged soaking to act effectively on grease or oil stains.
  1. Detergent: There are several laundry and dish detergents available in the market. Detergent mostly removes almost every hardened stain. However, it is advisable to use detergents carefully, as rough usage can damage delicate fabrics.
  1. Salt: It is one of the cheapest resources that everyone has. It is effective on armpit stains, red stains, blood stains, etc.
  1. Vinegar or lemon juice: These are mild acids best effective against stains caused by coffee or tea. However, it is not advisable for all types of fabrics.
  1. Chlorine Bleaches: It is one of the harsh remedies to remove stains. There are chances for damage or discoloration of fabrics. So, it is better to try in hidden areas before using. Also, avoid using it in clothes if mentioned on labels.
  1. Glycerin: Glycerine is good to remove ink and dye stains. The majority of the stain removal sticks available in the market contain glycerine.

There are also several other stain removal resources. We demand different treatments for different problems, and it is advisable to apply them by understanding their usage.

Though there are many solvents available to clean your fabric, it is good to know more about the suitable solvent to use for different types of clothes.

  1. Cotton clothes can bear soaking, drying, and heating. It is effortless to clean white cotton, but it will be hard on the fabric. Therefore, you can use chlorine bleaches as an alternative and dilute them satisfactorily. The most suitable stain remedies for cotton are detergents and acids like lemon juice and vinegar.
  1. Woolen clothes are generally heat-sensitive. And therefore, users can gently handle these clothes to last long. The usage of bleaches and acids will damage the cloth permanently. It is advisable to take it to a dry cleaner to reduce risk. 
  1. Silk is extremely sensitive, and you can manage stains with water as an initial step. But it is advisable to wash the garment entirely instead of cleaning the stain specks alone, and it avoids water stains or marks. Glycerine removers work effectively for silk fabrics.
  1. Washing Synthetic fabrics depends on the material. It is easy to wash rayon and polyester clothes roughly with scrubs or detergents. But, the clothes get damaged while using oxidized bleaches. The standard laundry detergent works well for synthetic fabrics.

How to Remove Stain from your Clothes Immediately?

It is better to treat your valuable garments with excellent care to last long. Here are some acceptable tips to follow

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It will be easy to remove some stains with just a simple wash. But when it comes to expensive garments, it demands the utmost care. It is always wise to choose the best dry cleaners for the proper treatment of your clothes.

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The Bottom Line

We all handle all our expensive clothes with care. While some specks of dirt and stain are cleaned easily with water, some require more treatment. You do not need to rush more to clear stains or smudges from your clothes. Consider choosing the best dry cleaning and laundry service to treat your clothes and make them stain-free and look brand new.

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