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Tips to Take Care of Your Expensive Clothes

BY BestatLaundry 01 Apr 2022

Taking Care of Your Expensive Clothes

Preserving expensive clothing is essential as people prefer using them for a long time. If you have spent your money on expensive clothes, you must also know how to maintain and take care of those clothes to use them for a long time. Designer clothes are not cheap in cost or quality. The ultimate purpose of buying expensive clothes is that they must look neat and best when you use them. 

If you take excellent care of your expensive garments, they will last long, as good as when you bought them. Getting service from the best dry clean service helps you maintain your clothes for the longer term. If you are doubtful about how to conserve or take care of your valuable garments, here are a few tips:

Read the Tags/Label

The label in your cloth will have all the details to take care of your fabric. It includes details on how to wash the garment, the right temperature for washing, the right kind of detergent or washing product, or any other factors to consider while washing or dry cleaning your fabric. 

Therefore, it is significant to read the label on your clothing before you wash it. Following the instructions or considering the factors as given in the tags will help keep your garment for a longer time. It especially lets you know the don'ts in washing.

Learn handwashing

Though handwashing may sound like an easy task, it is essential to do it right to avoid damaging your clothes. The handwashing generally is as follows: 

  1. Fill your tub or basin or tub with water. 
  2. Add the laundry detergent and mix it in the water.
  3. Submerge and soak clothes according to the fabric (Remember not to soak your clothes for more than 30 minutes). 
  4. Rinse the clothes thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water.

 Before handwashing, it is crucial to ensure that your garments are fit for handwashing and you do not damage the fabric you wash.

Treat Stains Immediately

When a stain is affected to your cloth or if it gets dirty, you must treat stains immediately. Even if it is a slight stain, leaving it to remain on your clothes may cause the biggest problem. It is better to clean the dirt with water as soon as possible. When you leave the stain for too long, it may remain uncleaned. When stain-marks are too hard to clear, get service from the best dry clean service provider for better cleaning and stain removal.

Opt for steam ironing

Steam ironing is one ideal approach to avoid iron marks, lines, and creases, especially on delicate fabrics like silk jerseys. Steaming with a professional steam machine is the best way to remove wrinkles from fragile garments. It is good to hold the steamer away from the clothes and allow the steam to remove wrinkles, not the wand itself. Various options are available for home-use steam irons, which are easy to operate and not particularly time-consuming.

Invest in Right Storage Materials

Another essential factor to consider when looking to save your expensive clothes from getting worn out too quickly is to invest in good-quality storage materials. It is advisable to get garment bags or acid-free tissue paper for your most precious fabrics. Purchase the most suitable and quality bags or containers to keep your clothes from getting dusty. The best place to store your valuable clothes is a cool, dark, and dry setting where the UV rays do not penetrate. When UV rays are allowed to penetrate, they may cause color fading and insect infestation.

Never Wash too Often

Another essential tip to take care of your expensive clothes is to avoid washing too often. Any clothing that has dirt or stain requires cleaning. Also, any cloth worn for a longer time requires washing. Nevertheless, if you wear cloth for a short time and it is not dirty, it is better not to let it laundered. When it comes to taking care of expensive garments and removing stains or dirt from them, it is advisable to be wise in self-washing or machine washing. Avoiding self-washing and giving it to a laundry service is more pleasing. 

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Everyone takes care of expensive garments and considers using them for a long time. They take necessary actions to store them neatly in their wardrobes. But it is obvious to get stains or specks of dirt in the clothes while wearing them. If you look for the best dry cleaners in London, BestatLaundry is the right choice for your expensive garments.



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