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Tips To Remove Mud And Dirt Stain From Clothes


Rainy days are the most favorite for all. You feel refreshed whenever the breeze during the rain hits your face. Do you have the same feel when mud is splashed on you by the passing car? How do you feel when your shoes become wet after standing in the rain? Your experience will turn even worse if you are wearing white or light-colored cloth. Follow the below tips to remove the dirt and mud caused during the rain from the clothes.

Let the cloth completely dry before washing the mud

If you want to remove a stain from the cloth, you will wash the cloth immediately when it is wet. However, it is the straight opposite when there is mud in the cloth. If you wash the mud when it is still wet, it may ruin the fabric as the mud may spread throughout the cloth. Hence, you can wash the mud once it is completely dry. For this, you need to lay the cloth with mudflat and let it completely dry. After which you may shake the cloth or rub it to remove the excess mud and then wash the cloth. By this, the mud is prevented from spreading.

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Use of detergent

Instead of using normal detergent, use liquid detergent to remove the mud. In case if you do not have to liquate detergent, dilute the powdered detergent with enough water to make it to a paster. Then apply it and scrub gently over the stain. There are also stain removers available in the market to remove some stubborn stains. These stain removers can be purchased based on the harshness of the stain. If the stain is found only in a specific region, soak only that region in the detergent and otherwise if the stain is found throughout the garment. The duration of the clothes that need to be soaked depends on the density of the stain.

How to wash the clothes?

The clothes can be washed either using the washing machine or using hand. It is left to your choice. If you are washing the clothes using the washing machine, then wash them in the “heavily soiled mode”. It is because the water is very hot in this mode that removes the stain more easily. Bleach can be added in the required quantity if it is a white color cloth.

Delicate clothes are better to be washed by hand than by machine. Use warm water and a scrub brush to remove the stain easily.

Drying the clothes

Once the stain is removed, you can dry it using the dryer mode or can air-dry the cloth.

There may be a few cases where the mud stain is not removed even after following the above procedures. In such cases, approaching the dry cleaning service is considered the best option.

If you are running a commercial such as in restaurants, the load of clothes will be very huge which is difficult to wash at home. There are restaurant laundry services available to attend to these situations that also remove the stain without the clothes getting damaged.

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