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Benefits Of Wet Cleaning Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning


These days’ people prefer eco-friendly dry cleaning over all the other dry cleaning services. It is considered as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning services that makes use of harmful chemicals. Traditional dry cleaners are found to use hazardous chemicals such as EDTA, phosphates and many more. These chemicals are bound to cause various health issues such as cancer and the like. Hence, at BestatLaundry it is highly preferred to provide eco-friendly dry cleaning services with the help of high-end technologies.

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All about eco-friendly dry cleaning / wet cleaning

The wet cleaning centres make use of cleaning agents that do not pose any health-related issues. They reduce the toxic-free detergents to remove the stain and dirt without damaging the fabric.

Advantages of using organic dry cleaning

Health risks are greatly reduced

As the wet cleaning centres do not make use of any volatile chemicals, they don’t pose any health risks. They achieve this by making use of biodegradable non-toxic detergents. Hence, you can assure the lifetime of the garments with the use of wet cleaning services.

Air quality is better

As you inhale the fragrance of your fabric, you can inhale the chemicals present as well. Since the organic dry cleaning services do not make use of any toxic chemicals, you are free from inhaling the odour of the toxic chemicals to a greater extent. We at BestatLaundry are greatly concerned about the choice of chemicals.

Better stain removal

The ability to remove the hard stains is considered an added advantage for organic dry cleaning. PERC which is used by the traditional dry cleaning centres for stain removal reverses the stain removal process leaving permanent stains. However, wet cleaning centres provide cleaner clothes that do not create permanent stains compared to the traditional dry cleaning process. They help in increasing the lifetime of the garments preventing the clothes from getting damaged.

Groundwater contamination is less

When PERC, a harmful cleaning agent, is used for the dry cleaning process, they accumulate in the plants, thereby increasing the toxic level in the ecosystem. As the water bodies become toxic, it is not suitable for aquatic organisms. These issues are not faced with the use of organic dry cleaning agents.

Energy and water level is greatly saved

The latest technology that consumes less water to remove the stain and dirt is used in organic dry cleaning services. Similarly, it uses less time to spin and greatly reduces the amount of energy consumed.

No cleaning wastes

Since the wet cleaning process does not generate any hazardous wastes, disposal of cleaning wastes is close to Nill.


Dry cleaning has been considered a sustainable process with the use of these organic methods. Our mission is to spread Laundry service throughout London's horizons and be the first company in bringing out a change in the dry cleaning services.

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