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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our normal life in many ways. After the long lockdown, due to the economic fall, people feel difficult to stay indoors. Many started to die due to no food, people have to earn their living. Therefore there comes an end to the restrictions. Shops and organizations are opened and restarted everywhere. It appears to be moving towards the new normal life. More and more people started going for work thereby outdoor participation has been increasing day by day. It is also equally important to keep yourself safe, healthy, and well. Therefore it is important for every individual to be very cautious and take care of themselves by giving importance and following the government guidelines.

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Recent research has found that coronavirus spreads even though the used garments, bedspreads, and towels. When these clothes are used by more than one person without washing, germs can spread from one person to another. Many customers are very scared of this issue and have contacted us to know the remedy to solve this issue. When a worker cleans a dirty laundry with bare hands there is a possibility for the worker to be affected by the germs in the process of washing. It is not always necessary to wash your clothes every time you return home from out. Ensure that when you go out don’t be in a crowded area, maintain a minimum of two-meter distance from people, wear a mask and sanitize your hands often. In case if you fail to do maintain distance or wear a mask it is a must you have a bath and put your worn dress to the laundry before entering inside the home.


Washing clothes in a normal way by using ordinary detergents only reduces the risk of germs being transmitted. In this pandemic situation, the clothes must be washed higher than the normal method. Clean the garments at a higher temperature using bleach-based powders or detergents as much as possible to reduce the transmission risk.

The clothes like sports kits, baby wears, towels must be washed at 60°C with a powder detergent because

  • Sportspeople tend to do more physical activities thereby they tend to undergo a heavy sweat process. Therefore their clothes come in contact with their bodily fluids which in turn has increased the number of germs in their clothes. You must not wear the sports kit more than once without washing.

  • Newborn babies are always placed in bed, covered with blankets to keep them warm, and often reusable nappies are used. Therefore the bodily fluid comes in contact with their clothes thereby giving way to the development of germs. Using reusable nappies for a long duration also increases the growth of germs. This increases the infection in the baby. It is a must to change the clothing and nappies of the baby at regular intervals.

  • It is better to use separate towels because shared towels in your home can spread germs from one person to another.

  • Clothes used and worn during food preparation or healthcare workers’ clothes must not be used more than once without cleaning.

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