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Tips to get rid of the stains in the cloth


Following are some of the tips to remove the stains from your favorite clothes.

How to remove the following mentioned stains from the clothes effectively?

When your cloth is encountered with a stain, don’t use any detergent on it immediately out of panic. As you do, the cloth may lose its quality as well as durability. In order to avoid such things, make sure to follow the below instructions to get rid of the long-lasting stains immediately and effectively.

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Removing cooldrinks and coffee stains

Follow the below steps to remove the cool drinks and juices stains. Based on the depth of stain, mix 1 spoon of wash solution with 10 ounces of water. Soak the cloth in the solution for some time. The stain gets removed. If the stain still remains, mix ammonia with that solution and then wash the fabric using a safe bleach.

On the other hand, if the stain is due to a coffee drink, soak the fabric for some time in cold water and pre-treat it using any of the stain removers,s and then launder it using bleach.

Removing food stains

When any stain occurs due to the sticky food products, you can rub the ice cubes against that surface and then apply stain remover to it and rinse it using cold water and then launder it. If there is the presence of any solid particles such as dairy products in the cloth, you can soak the cloth in enzyme cleaner for 30 minutes before laundering it using warm water.

Removing stains due to makeup products

One of the most frequent stains that occur in the cloth due to makeup is the lipstick marks. To remove these stains, apply hair spray to the stained area. Use a damp cloth to wipe the stained area after about 15 minutes. In order to remove the foundation marks, use alcohol to rub against the surface. The nail polish stains on the other hand can only be cured with the help of professional laundry services.

Removing sauce stains

The same step used for removing food stains can be applied to remove the sauce stains as well. Chlorine-based bleaches can be used for removing the sauce stains. If there are any oily substances present in the fabric, sprinkle some corn starch over it before laundering it.

Removing household stains

Where the stain is due to tobacco, you can remove the stain yourself. In such cases, just dampen the surface of the stain and rub it using any soap bar. In order to pre-treat the stain, use an enzyme to soak it before laundering it. Even after doing these things, if the stain remains, use safe bleach to remove the stain. If nothing works out it is better to contact the nearest dry cleaning service for stain removal.

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