8 Tips to make your clothes long-lasting


Fashion lovers and economic people believe in a sustainable wardrobe with long-lasting clothes. Not only to save time and money but to reduce the consumption of carbon. Clothes give merit to a person’s appearance. We can do or follow a few things to keep our favorite dresses fresh, new, and long-lasting.

Buy good quality fabrics

Just don’t buy a dress for its style or budget. Try to explore different fabrics and buy good quality clothes. This can prevent from fading of color and help look bright.

Know tricks to prevent stains

Preventing from stains is unfeasible but knowing simple tips can cover it huge. Imagine, you wearing your favorite prom dress and your friend accidentally drop a few drops of ketchup on it. Just wiping it with wipes or tissue can’t be a solution. Sometimes it can’t even remove the stain using costly detergents, you may require a good laundry service or dry cleaners.

Instead, here’s a simple tip that can help you remove the stain without a spot. Try using dish wash liquid on the area with sauce or ketchup. Now wash it off using cold water. You can see your dress spotless and bright as before.

Use delicates bag while washing

Put your lingerie, underwear, and other such garments that rip out when washed in the washing machine into a delicate bag. These delicate bags can preserve the lifespan of your garment. Also, cuts out the expenses to buy them often.

Do your flies

Try to button up and zip up the garments while washing in the washing machine. This can prevent pulling or snagging the other garments in the wash. Though it is not guaranteed, it may be a solution to protect other garments from tearing or expanding.

Always carry a stain removal stick

Carrying a stain removal stick in your handbag is a simple but effective solution to act immediately over the stain on your dress. These sticks can work effectively even on red wine stains or grass stains instantly.

Use the right amount of detergent

Using a sufficient amount of detergent can wash your garments clean. Adding excessive detergent might damage the delicate clothes, it may also fade out the dark-colored garments. 

Use a drying rack for better drying

Always dry up your garments in aligned or organized patterns. Drying folded up or crushed will leave its traces making it compulsory to iron your clothes every time.

Store in a cool and dry place

Over-exposure to sunlight may harm the color and density of your garments. You can dry the washed garments in a cool and dry environment or you can hang them under the sun by putting them into breathable canvas bags.

These are a few basic steps that can save your money and garments. Though these tips are not chaotic to follow, it is not possible at times. People who are really busy with their jobs, businesses, and duties or people who don’t know to do their laundry can prefer to get help from laundry services like Bestatlaundry. These laundry services will never let you worry about washing or dirty clothes. Just being at home, book a service for washing your garments. That’s it! You can tick it over your to-do list. Laundry will be done and delivered to your place.

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Do you have some ideas for expanding the lifespan of the garments we buy? We’d love to hear them!

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