Tips to follow while washing baby clothes


By following the below tips, you can wash the clothes of newborn babies more easily.

Go through the label

You need to provide special care while washing the baby clothes and they should be avoided washing with the regular clothes of others. Checking the label of the baby garment is the first and foremost thing that you need to do. While washing, use the recommended temperature, adjust the temperature for washing and many more things need to be taken care of.

Sort the clothes

Sort the clothes based on their size and color. This is done to ensure that you do not mix them with regular clothes while washing. You can also use a separate basket for storing the clothes of babies. As the baby vomits and the diaper leaks, the number of clothes going to laundry increases.

Choice of detergent

As the baby's skin is highly sensitive, they are prone to various allergies such as cradle cap and the like. Hence, the choice of detergent is very much essential. The detergent chosen should be dye-free, fragrance-free with minimal preservatives used, and should be hypoallergenic. Brighteners, bleach, and laundry pods should not be used as detergents.

Stain removal

It will be more comfortable to remove the stains when they are fresh. Pooping, spitting and the baby oil leaves stain in the baby clothes that need to be removed using standard washing rules.

This is the reason why you should wash the baby clothes separately and not with yours.

Choose the apt temperature

30 to 40 degrees Celsius is considered as the apt temperature for washing baby clothes. Only at this higher temperature can the bacteria be removed. It is also important to wash the clothes of the baby using a gentle cycle.

Wash the newly bought clothes

Baby clothes that are newly bought need to be washed before wearing. It is to get rid of the unnecessary things that come into contact with the clothes on the way.

Dry the clothes properly

Dry the baby clothes under direct sunlight to remove any whites or presence of bacteria.

Hanging the clothes

A baby-sized hanger can be used for hanging the baby clothes.

As you get to know about how to wash the baby clothes using a washing machine, most of the experts recommend washing the baby clothes using hand washing as it is considered as the best way. Here are some of the tips to handwash baby clothes.

Put a teaspoon of detergent in a bucket of warm water. Let the clothes be soaked for 20 minutes. Wash it gently using your hand and do not rub or twist as it may damage your cloth. You can even hire a specialist to take care of the washing as you can spend more time with your newborn baby. We have a group of experts who provide proper care in washing baby clothes. If you want to wash your baby clothes feel free to contact us!! BestatLaundry is one of the leading laundry services in London

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