Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services

BY BestatLaundry 30 Jun 2021

Eco-friendly dry cleaning services are of great revolution these days. We at Bestatlaundry provide the service at an affordable price. We ensure to use non – toxic chemicals to dry clean the clothes thereby helping to stay sustainable.

Traditional dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of using chemicals and water in a large-sized cleaner that looks similar to the normal washing machine at home. However, the size is a few times bigger than it. PERCHLOROETHYLENE commonly known as PERC is the commonly used chemical for dry cleaning purposes.

Why is PERC highly preferred?

The traditional dry cleaning process generally makes use of PERC for dry cleaning the garments as well as for cleaning the metals. However, PERC is claimed to be hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When exposed to PERC for the long term, it may result in skin irritation, dizziness, and several other diseases such as cancer.

Getting exposed to PERC

We will be exposed to this hazardous chemical called PERC through the dry cleaned clothes that are washed using PERC. We inhale PERC whenever our skin comes into contact with this hazardous chemical.

Risk of exposure

When the dry cleaning process is carried by cleaners, they will be at risk when PERC is used. Living near establishments where the traditional dry cleaning process takes place using PERC also causes serious risk.

Why bestatlaundry?

We at bestatlaundry use a wet cleaning process which is an alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process. The main benefits of it are as follows

Highly energy efficient

The wet cleaning process is highly energy-efficient because of the following

  • It makes use of less amount of water around 30% less when compared to the traditional dry cleaning process
  • Even at 20 degrees, the results produced by the wet cleaning process are much amazing compared to the traditional dry cleaning process.
  • Energy consumption of the wet cleaning process is reduced by 50% making it a green alternative

Wet cleaning is considered safer

  • In the case of the wet cleaning process, toxic chemicals such as PERC are not used. Instead, biodegradable detergents are used to clean the clothes
  • By this process, it is ensured that our body will not come into contact with hazardous chemicals thereby making the planet and the environment safer.
  • The wet cleaning process is considered an effective alternative for babies as well people with breathing difficulties.

The wet cleaning washers and dryers have control over the following with their sophisticated technologies

  • Rhythm at which the drum rotates
  • Detergent dosing level
  • Accurate water temperature

They clean the clothes in a highly safe manner making them fresh and free of toxic odors. The spin cycle is optimized in the washer which measures the amount of moisture present in the clothes thereby preventing them from over-drying and shrinking as well.

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